Natural Healing Clogged Arteries

Are you looking for natural healing clogged arteries? Knowing and understanding the real causes of clogged arteries will make it easy for you to find and choose the one that suit you best. The severity of your condition also determines your alternatives.

What is the most common things that causes clogged arteries? It usually involves a long process, takes years to happen. It starts since we're a kid, and occurs when specific substances such as proteins, fat, cholesterol, inflammatory cells, calcium, fibrin, or waste products that flow in our vascular system start to deposit somewhere in its inner walls.

Overtime, they harden and become plaques that will narrow our artery. When the plaques become rupture or fragile, it causes the blood to clot on that area, then it will make the inner wall of the artery get more narrowed or even get blocked completely. As you know when it happens, it will endanger your life that can lead to a stroke, heart attack or death.

What're your alternatives for natural healing clogged arteries? To heal the conditions you need to:

  • prevent the blood clots happen by taking fibrinolytic enzymes.
  • increase its flow with fish oil (naturally found in tuna, lake trout, sardines, salmon, mackerel, lake trout). Fish contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that have that effect.
  • get rid of or cleanse the plaque in the arteries. By eating whole grain foods, beans, cucumber, garlic, onion and other high fiber foods, drinking green tea daily may also help the body to do the cleansing.

Taking fibrinolytic enzyme such as serrapeptase, nattookinase, or vegetarian based systemic enzyme is considered as an effective natural healing clogged arteries. A systemic enzyme is a formula which combines some enzymes that can digest blood clots, dead tissue, excess fibrin, cysts, and get rid of anything blocking up our arteries. Beside that, it can bring wider advantages to our health and wellness.

When you try to do natural healing clogged arteries, it's very important you also stop all your habits that put you in danger condition; otherwise your effort will only give you temporary effect. Have a healthy diet, exercise regularly, stop smoking if you a smoker, and also take a health supplement, vitamins or minerals that support your healthy life. Other thing you should do also is to ask for a professional help (a cardiologist).