Degree Programs in Natural Healing

If you are looking for a professional Degree in Natural Healing, there are many choices of Degree Programs available in the United States. Natural Healing Schools, Colleges, and Universities offer instruction in a myriad of fascinating subjects, from Acupuncture to Yoga Teacher Training, and everything in between.

Natural Healing Degree Programs include entry-level Associate Degrees (AA or AS), which can take approximately two years to accomplish; as well as four-year degrees such as Bachelor (BA or BS) and Master (MA or MS). With a few additional years of study and some professional experience in the chosen field, some Natural Healing Universities offer advanced Doctorate Degrees (PhD).

The practices of Natural Healing (also known as Holistic Healing and Alternative Healing) are based on the belief that the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself when certain techniques and principles are applied. A Degree Program in Natural Healing imparts a level of knowledge that can inspire confidence in the abilities of the practitioner. A Natural Healing Diploma (or Professional Certification) may be obtained through a much less intense course of study, but does not offer the same prestige as a Natural Healing Degree.

Alternative healers are taught to consider the mind, body, and spirit of their clients, and to utilize natural and drug-free methods to achieve health and wellness. Depending on the particular field of study, a Degree in Natural Healing can qualify the graduate to perform a variety of Holistic Healing functions, such as Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Therapies, Spiritual Attunement, Colonic Hydrotherapy, and many more.

There are many options for learning and earning degrees that can satisfy any personal interest and goal you may have.

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