Reiki - Natural Healing Technique

Reiki or pronounced as 'Rei-ki' is an ancient technique of natural healing. It has been rediscovered after more a hundred years in Japan, China and even India. Reiki is a combination or two Japanese words, 'Rei' which means spiritual or universal and the word 'Ki' means force or life. Therefore, together it would mean 'Universal Force' or 'Spiritual Life.'

Chinese people use it as much as Japanese do; in fact they are using it up till now. Reiki in Chinese would be called 'Tai-Chi' or 'Qi

This ancient healing technique believes that universal force or spiritual life is within us all and all around. Furthermore, it believes that everyone has a way of accessing or connecting to it, we but have to learn how to let the force or energy flow from the universe to us.

Reiki may sound magical or spiritual and all that, but it is true and proven effective. In fact, it is better that synthetics and high technology healing techniques or treatments. It is safe and a uses natural healing techniques.

It is good for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In Reiki, the therapist or the one who does it lays his or her hand on the body, lets the energy or force flow from the universe to the body of the person thereby increasing the energy and thus boosting the body to heal itself on its own naturally.

There are many benefits to 'Reiki' such as; it reduces blood pressure, relieves you of pain, boosts your immune system as it relieves you of stress and gives you a deep sense of relaxation resulting to peaceful mind, better sleep and positive outlook in life. It also slows aging and removes energy blockage and makes you feel alive, vibrant and joyful.

Anybody can learn Reiki and heal others too. It takes for you but to believe in universal force and energy. You need to practice how to free yourself of all the energy blockage and let the universal force flow into you before you can perform 'Reiki' to others.

Reiki is not a miracle, but because it enables your body and mind to heal itself on its own, is what makes it miraculous to most people who have had the feel and experience of being healed through Reiki.

Turmeric Use in Naturally Healing - Top 3 Uses For Enhancing Your Health and Wellbeing

Natural healing is something that people are commonly looking into today. While going to the doctor might be the recommended treatment, others are saving money and feeling better especially when it comes to turmeric use in naturally healing. This is Indian spice is now being used for things other than just curried chicken. Take a look at the 3 top uses that you might find incredibly helpful.

1. Clean out your Liver

Your liver is a very important organ that a lot of us take for granted. If you are feeling a little bogged down or ill, it could be because of what you are putting in your body. Alcohol and other things we enjoy could actually be killing us. Turmeric can help to clean out your liver and start you out with a clean slate!

2. Prevention of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is something that BOTH men and women have to be concerned about. When you look into natural healing and turmeric use in naturally healing you will see that there are agents and aspects that help turmeric to fight off or stop the cancer altogether. This of course is when turmeric is taken on a daily basis for a longer period of time. Make sure that you protect yourself by taking the proper supplement or multivitamin.

3. Natural Pain Killer

Instead of a few tabs of aspirin most of us are now reaching for the ice packs. If you are looking for a natural painkiller, turmeric is going to be the perfect fit for you! This spice has actually bee proven to help ease the pressure within your head or wherever there may be pressure and pain. Turmeric use in naturally healing is a lot more common than most of you might think.

How to Take Turmeric

One of the best ways to take advantage of not only the amazing health benefits of turmeric, but also other herbs and specialty ingredients is to take a multivitamin. There have been some very impressive advancements made in nutritional science.

So if you're serious about improving your health, I strongly recommend checking out a multivitamin. I personally have been using one for a long time to help keep my body and happiness in check.

Natural Healing Begins At The Cellular Level - Help Your Body Heal Itself

You are made up of cells and in times of sickness, disease or injury, they have become damaged, and when diseased, mutate more damaged cells. To get back to a healthy state, your body has to go through a natural healing process in order to repair them. Sometimes, however, the process takes longer than you'd like, or never really occurs because your body is not as strong as it should be, possibly because it is not in proper balance.

Balance has to be achieved at the cellular level, and it starts with the amount of acid and alkaline that is present within your body. If you are too acidic, then you're most likely to be more prone to illness, which will also prevent you from achieving natural healing. You can help your body heal by eating foods that are packed with antioxidants which are also naturally alkaline.

Since achieving the proper balance has to do with alkalizing, hydrating and detoxifying, attempting this by diet alone is rather difficult for most people, because it involves eating mostly fresh organic vegetables and giving up acid-forming foods such as meat, dairy and processed foods. Drinking alkaline antioxidant water can improve your efforts more quickly, consistently and at the cellular level. This is because through an ionization process, the water is stripped free of the acidic minerals that often hinder your body's ability to heal itself. This type of water is loaded with hydrating capabilities, detoxifying affects, is alkaline and also packed with large amounts of antioxidants, which prevent cell damage and help heal cells after they have been damaged.

Alkaline antioxidant water helps your body heal at the cellular level by helping you restore the proper balance through neutralizing a lot of the acids your body creates from pollution, bad diet, and chemicals in your environment. It also helps you achieve natural healing through super-hydration, detoxification and by replenishing your body's alkaline reserves. This water alone has given countless people the tools they need to help them achieve better health, healing and slowing down of the aging process.

Natural Healing - Anxiety

There are many treatment options available when it comes to the natural healing of anxiety. Many have been around for thousands of years and have proven to work time and time again. It should be noted however that if you feel that you have a serious problem with anxiety and/or panic disorder that it is important to speak with a medical professional. You could mention your interest in natural healing being a part of your treatment program. However if you are dealing with what might be called a regular amount of anxiety and wish to reduce it there are natural healing methods that you can consider.

First off there are the techniques to achieve relaxation. These may involve low impact sports or classes such as yoga or tai chi. These ancient rituals where built to keep the body in line with the mind and spirit. Breathing techniques are very important and could be considered a relaxation technique on their own. You can start with taking deep breaths and try to relax all the muscles in your body. This body awareness may reveal how much stress you are holding onto in your life. Next time you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, take notice of how you are breathing and how your muscles feel. It is likely that you are taking shorter breaths and have tense muscles. Do what you can to remedy the situation with your breathing techniques.

Natural healing can also be achieved with herbs. Natural herbs that have been known to help with insomnia and anxiety include passionflower, kava, and valerian. St. John's Wort is also a common remedy that can help with anxiety and/or depression problems. However, some have reported that St. John's Wort works rather well after about two weeks, but then trails off in effectiveness after a few months.

Pregnancy, Gall Stones, Bone Breaks - Natural Healing Takes Care of Them All

I just listened to a recording of A Healthier You Radio where a guest, Greg Wood, was talking about his experience using natural healing and herbs. This was just a regular guy who lived and ate like the majority of us here in the USA, meaning not very healthy. But he changed his lifestyle, and by doing so, totally changed his health and his life.

Three stories he told really stood out to me. The first is that he and his wife had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 5 years. They consulted with David Christopher of the School of Natural Healing and he told them a few simple diet changes to make and some herbs to start taking and within 6 months they conceived their first child.

The changes they made were not that hard. First, they eliminated dairy from their diet. Second they added more fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. Third they started on an herbal program of Dr. Christopher's Female Reproductive Formula, and Lower Bowell Formula.

These simple changes worked because once the body has been cleared of the toxins that build up after years of improper diet and nutrition, it is able to function and work as God intended. It only took 6 months for them to conceive after 5 years of trying other methods unsuccessfully. I have heard of this same outcome in numerous other cases of couples trying to conceive.

The second notable story he told is when he broke his collarbone mountain biking. All the doctors told him it was a nasty break and would probably require surgery and months of rehab to fix. He had cleaned up his diet by this time and simply added Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone formula. He would take a lot every day and the break healed completely with no surgery. Also when he started taking the herbs a couple days after the break, he never needed pain medication after that.

Complete Tissue and Bone is an incredible formula. I have seen many examples of healing using this formula. I healed a very nasty saw cut on my thumb using it. I did not get stitches nor visit the doctor at any time during that healing process. My sister-in-law is a ballet dancer and broke her foot when she landed a leap wrong. With copious amounts of Complete Tissue and Bone she was able to heal her foot without being casted and without any surgery.

Complete Tissue and Bone delivers all of the nutrients and building blocks the body needs to heal tissue, bone, cartilage, and flesh.

The last notable story he told was about his battle with gall stones. One night he woke up in excruciating pain in his abdomen and did not know what it was. It quickly became so bad that he drove to the emergency room where he learned that he had between 30 to 40 gall stones in his gall bladder. The doctor told him the only way to remove them was surgery to remove the gall bladder.

Instead he did a 4 day juice cleanse. During those 4 days he did not eat anything. He alternated a glass of apple juice and a glass of distilled water every half hour all day long. He also added a little bit of olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice to the apple juice.

On the afternoon of the 4th day he passed the stones. The pains were gone and have never returned. Total cost for his cleanse was about $50 for 4 days worth of apple juice, distilled water, lemons, and olive oil. Total cost for the doctor's prescribed surgery would have run into several thousand dollars.

Greg Wood is just a normal guy who learned a few things about herbs and natural healing and was able to apply that knowledge in his life and it made a huge difference. His case is not exceptional either. I have now seen many, many situations just like Greg's where people drastically change their lives by gaining some knowledge and making the necessary changes to their lifestyle.

Have You Heard About Green Tea Natural Healing?

The first reference to green tea natural healing is found in the "Book of Tea", written by a Zen priest in 1191.  Priest Eisai described how drinking the beverage could have a positive effect on the five vital organs, in particular, the heart.  Modern research seems to support his statements.

The catechins and other polyphenols in the plant have anti-coagulant activity, similar to what is found in aspirin.  But, while aspirin is hard on the stomach and contributes to ulcers, green tea has been used to eliminate indigestion and help heal ulcers. 

Catechins have also been shown to lower total cholesterol levels, while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels.  It has long been held that high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease.  It is known that being overweight is hard on the heart.  Green tea natural healing benefits may help people lose weight, too.

Reliable research is limited concerning weight loss.  But, what there is indicates that people and animals burn more calories throughout the day and more fat during exercise when they drink a catechin enriched beverage or take a supplement.  A popular diet doctor claims that a person can lose 10 pounds in six weeks, just by switching from coffee to green tea.  Most doctors say that it is better for your health than coffee and just leave it at that.

The health problems caused by being overweight or obese are numerous.  One reason is that fat cells contribute to chronic inflammation.  We have known for many years that inflammation causes the pain of arthritis and other diseases.  But, only recently have we learned about chronic inflammation.

Inflammation is an immune system response to injury, illness or infection.  But, the inflammatory process does not always stop, as it should.  One of the green tea natural healing benefits is to act as an anti-inflammatory.  While our anti-inflammatory drugs are effective pain relievers, at least temporarily, they are not effective against chronic inflammation.  Natural anti-inflammatories, many of which are found in plants, are.

Chronic inflammation contributes to heart disease and allows cancer cells to grow and proliferate.  Many dietary factors contribute to the release of inflammatory molecules, such as prostaglandins.  Other dietary factors stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory molecules.  This is an on-going process, every minute of every day.  The body is constantly striving to maintain balance.

Green tea natural healing has a positive affect on the balance, as do many other nutrients.  If there are not enough nutrients circulating in your bloodstream, the result is disease. People may think that an overweight or obese person could not have low levels of nutrients in their bloodstreams.  But studies have shown that they do.  In particular, they are often deficit in vitamin D and calcium.

If you want to live a long healthy life, you need to maintain a healthy weight.  You need to make good food choices and take an excellent multi-nutritional supplement. The best ones provide green tea natural healing effects, along with many other health benefits. Visit my website today to learn about a multi-nutritional supplement I've discovered that I'd like to share with you.

Alexander Technique - Natural Healing Therapy

Among the natural healing treatments of the world, one is the Alexander technique. Named after the Australian-born actor and elocutionist, Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) who developed this therapy, this technique is a natural healing therapy that is intended to promote the well-being of the body. The technique is famous among the various alternative therapies of natural healing supplements like acupuncture, aromatherapy, acupressure etc.

This technique uses a simple method of learning to focus ourselves on what we do and how we do it. In our everyday activities we have many unconscious habits and postures that often lead to effort and strain. With the help of Alexander technique, you tend to pay active attention to your postures and habits in order to ensure minimum strain so that you can increase your capacity to learn.

Human body unconsciously interferes with the innate coordination of the body. The healing remedies of Alexander technique stop such interference allowing us to take more complex jobs and bring self-confidence and greater presence of mind. The natural healing remedy provided by this technique is about learning to make our choices by conscious awareness rather than by sub-conscious mind.

Uses of Alexander Technique

The main aim of this technique which is a natural remedy for healing is to bring the body and mind together in harmony. Thus, this technique is a guide to natural healing and can also be used in the treatments of various disorders of the neck, back, and hip. Also, traumatic and repetitive strain injuries, breathing and coordination disorder, chronic pain, arthritis, stress-related disorders and migraine could be cured with the help of this technique.

The technique requires active participation by the patient. The main aim of this technique is to balance your body. Some tips to put your posture in the correct form are:

  • No high heel shoes. High heels are bad because they slant the foot that throws the body out of alignment. It causes a lot of stress on the back. Use flats with cushioned soles.
  • Do not lock your legs. Men and women both tend to cross their legs and hold the inner thighs together. This leads to back problems.
  • Sit straight. Do not slouch. It undermines support of the spine, stretches the ligaments, weakens the muscles, and strains the facet joints in the back of the spine. Sit on a chair that supports your lower back.
  • Do not sit in peculiar positions as it causes the body to twist and contort. You must sit with your feet resting on a footrest or a flat floor to give support to your back.
  • Do not bend at the waist or with a jerk. That strains the back muscles. Bend such that you knees and ankles do the work along with your hips.

The best way to go about the Alexander technique session is to conduct it one-on-one with a teacher. Patients perform everyday actions like walking, bending, standing or sitting and the teacher corrects them by touching the back, neck or shoulder to help trigger the proper reflexes. The sessions for Alexander technique are not strenuous or physically taxing. No kind of machinery is used in this process.

Turmeric For a Natural Healing and Anti Aging Preventative Measure

There is recorded reference for turmeric use in natural healing since 1900 BCE. It was used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a variety of ailments, most of which had to do with the stomach, but it was also used to treat some infections. Modern research supports its medicinal benefits and has found that there are more.

There are more benefits that Ayurvedic practitioners were unaware of, because they were not aware of cells. They treated symptoms, evaluated the overall health of the body and even recognized the role that stress or mental health played in disease.

They were able to perform cataract surgery and other advanced treatments that were not available in Europe until thousands of years later. But, their knowledge of molecules, cellular functions and DNA was lacking.

Modern day researchers have been able to combine the ancient turmeric use in natural healing with their knowledge of cellular function. Currently, the active component of the Indian spice is being studied for its benefit in treating various kinds of cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases. Other plant compounds are being studied, as well, and even common nutrients seem to have other benefits that we never knew about.

Recent studies indicate that calcium and vitamin D may help prevent cancer. Large scale studies concerning vitamin C and E produced negative results, but earlier studies were positive. What makes the difference?

Vitamins can be reproduced synthetically in the laboratory. The molecules look the same, but like the ancient Ayurvedic practitioners, there are still some things that we do not understand.

We cannot reproduce an atom or a quark, which is smaller than an atom. They have only been glimpsed and many researchers still consider them theoretical. But, if there is true value to nutrients or turmeric use in natural healing, we must consider what we cannot see. For the time being, naturally occurring elements are our best alternatives.

There are some scientists that have been studying how to prevent chronic and degenerative diseases for many years. They have developed supplements that may promote longevity, because they protect the cells of the body from the known causes of aging. The supplements that they have developed include turmeric and many other plant extracts, as well as essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

If you have a disease and you are interested in turmeric use in natural healing, your best bet is to find an Ayurvedic, a Naturopathic or a Holistic practitioner. They can be found in most large cities. If you are basically healthy, but would like to increase your lifespan and reduce your risk of degenerative diseases, a well designed supplement is your best alternative.

The supplement should include an enteric coating, because the active compound in turmeric, known as curcumin, is quickly degraded by stomach acid. It should also include piperine, because it increases absorption of a variety of nutrients.

Because of scientific advancements, we can take advantage of turmeric use in natural healing and many other things. All that you need do is find a good manufacturer and begin supplementing your diet.

Consider Natural Healing For Children's Allergies

The body is an amazing creation that is inherently strong and designed to be able to heal itself without synthetic intervention. People knew this long before Western medicine was developed and by strengthening the immune system and bringing balance to the body, a person could expect their bodies to heal themselves. While our American society relies heavily on the pills that our mainstream medicine is known for, other cultures still use the principles of natural and holistic healing with curative results for all sorts of ailments in adults and children, including allergies. Practitioners of natural healing techniques have successfully eliminated allergies in children which is wonderful, as it eradicates the need to give kids medicines that have untoward side effects. In addition, some of these natural techniques allow children to be tested for allergies in a painless and non-invasive way.

What is an allergy and what are the symptoms? When materials that are innocuous to the average person enter our bodies through inhalation or ingestion, we process and eliminate them without trouble. The immune system of the allergic person considers these normally harmless substances to be dangerous and reacts by going into overdrive, which results in common allergy symptoms people are familiar with. These include itchy skin, watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, and many other symptoms that are not as evident. Some of the less evident symptoms can include emotional distress or lack of focus, asthma, or life-threatening conditions such as wheezing, facial swelling, and difficulty breathing. Indeed, it can be difficult to connect some of these symptoms to allergies, particularly in infants. A baby who cries incessantly or has frequent bouts of colic may have an allergy. A toddler who breaks out in itchy welts or who is frequently wiping her nose may be allergic to something in the environment. A child with asthma or difficulty concentrating in school may have an underlying allergy.

Parents who suspect that their child has allergies can have their child tested or they may wish to try some elimination and healing techniques first. Allergy testing usually involves pricking or injecting the skin with suspected allergens and seeing if the child reacts; other tests involve taking blood samples and having a lab analyze them for certain chemicals that are involved in the allergic reaction process. These tests can help diagnose allergies in your child but their reliability can be questionable, as false positive results do occur. Also, these tests can be stressful and uncomfortable for children. If a child's allergies are not severe, it may be acceptable to first try avoiding suspected allergens or using natural methods to strengthen and heal the immune system before putting your child through formal testing.

Some common causes of allergy symptoms in children are pollens, molds, dust mites, pet dander, insect stings and bites, and foods such as milk, wheat, peanuts, and eggs. Removing these things as much as possible from your child's diet and environment can decrease allergy symptoms but may not be enough. Strengthening your child's immune system using herbal remedies and energy techniques such as acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic and kinesiology can result in amazing decreases or a complete reversal of your child's allergies. These methods are safe, non-invasive, and have been used successfully by practitioners of non-Western medicine for thousands of years. Some newer natural tests and treatments are available, too, such as the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) and the use of cold lasers to unblock stuck energy pathways in the body, which can restore balance in the energy meridians and contribute to greater harmony in the body and mind.

Parents may choose to use non-holistic allergy medicines for their kids and sometimes they are needed initially, especially in cases of severe allergies or asthma. Over the long term, however, these medicines may lose their effectiveness and cause harm to your children rather than help them. Natural healing methods can provide relief from allergies in your kids and can be used over and over again without the risk of long-term side effects. Thousand of years of natural healing around the world provide a firm testament to the efficacy and benefits of natural healing. If your child is suffering from allergies and sensitivities that are not severe or life-threatening, consider the benefits of holistic treatment.