Reiki - Natural Healing Technique

Reiki or pronounced as 'Rei-ki' is an ancient technique of natural healing. It has been rediscovered after more a hundred years in Japan, China and even India. Reiki is a combination or two Japanese words, 'Rei' which means spiritual or universal and the word 'Ki' means force or life. Therefore, together it would mean 'Universal Force' or 'Spiritual Life.'

Chinese people use it as much as Japanese do; in fact they are using it up till now. Reiki in Chinese would be called 'Tai-Chi' or 'Qi

This ancient healing technique believes that universal force or spiritual life is within us all and all around. Furthermore, it believes that everyone has a way of accessing or connecting to it, we but have to learn how to let the force or energy flow from the universe to us.

Reiki may sound magical or spiritual and all that, but it is true and proven effective. In fact, it is better that synthetics and high technology healing techniques or treatments. It is safe and a uses natural healing techniques.

It is good for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In Reiki, the therapist or the one who does it lays his or her hand on the body, lets the energy or force flow from the universe to the body of the person thereby increasing the energy and thus boosting the body to heal itself on its own naturally.

There are many benefits to 'Reiki' such as; it reduces blood pressure, relieves you of pain, boosts your immune system as it relieves you of stress and gives you a deep sense of relaxation resulting to peaceful mind, better sleep and positive outlook in life. It also slows aging and removes energy blockage and makes you feel alive, vibrant and joyful.

Anybody can learn Reiki and heal others too. It takes for you but to believe in universal force and energy. You need to practice how to free yourself of all the energy blockage and let the universal force flow into you before you can perform 'Reiki' to others.

Reiki is not a miracle, but because it enables your body and mind to heal itself on its own, is what makes it miraculous to most people who have had the feel and experience of being healed through Reiki.