Converting Your Coaching Process Into Hot Selling Natural Healing Training Products

Have you ever thought what could happen if you turned your coaching process into hot selling coaching or natural healing training products? It doesn't matter what type of coaching you are involved in: the process is the same even if it does not involve natural healing.

Your normal coaching process could be one-on-one coaching with your clients, using life coaching, Reiki coaching, spiritual counseling or energy working. It doesn't matter - the principles are the same whether you are a hypnotherapist or a baseball coach. Here are some basic steps to start with:

1. Write down how you start with new clients or trainees. How do you introduce them to the concept of what they are to learn, and what are the first steps you use in their coaching. Use that as an opening chapter, and then tackle the next stage.

2. Write down how you progress beyond that: what lessons you provide, what videos you show them and what test and trials you use to assess their progress and, just as important, enable them to assess how well they are doing.

3. Covert all of that into a written manual, chapter by chapter.

4. Continue all of that stage by stage and before you are aware of it, you have a natural healing training manual. Everything you do and say to coach your clients face to face is written down and can be used by others to follow - it might need a lot of tidying up, but you have the basics there and the beginnings of a natural healing training product.

4. Finally, figure out how you are going to be able to formalize it all and format it into an acceptable training or coaching product that people will buy, and what media should be incorporated: an eBook or an audio or video product? Downloadable or on disc (better to be both)?

If you find it easier to talk to your clients face to face then a video coaching presentation might suit you better, and if it can also be presented in audio, without the visual impact, then a less expensive audio version might be possible. Perhaps written instructions are all that are needed, so an even cheaper eBook could be offered.

I fact, you could offer an eBook initially then the DVD video disk as an upsell. $X for the basic eBook course, but having purchased that offer the DVD with a lot more on it for an addition $Y.

However, all of this depends upon one factor and one factor only: your success with your current coaching sessions. You will only be able to convert a successful coaching process into equally successful natural healing training products. If your coaching is not successful then improve on that first because a substandard coaching technique will translate into an equally ineffective product.

You have written down the primary components of your coaching process, so how can that be converted into a natural healing training product that you can sell online?

a) Split your coaching into sessions. Decide how long each session should be and then divide the entire course into sessions of the optimum length. Then test them. If you are creating audio or video sessions, then read them out to yourself verbally (not mentally because that will be too quick) and time them including any exercises your clients will have to take. Each session is one chapter of the book or section of the video. You can offer the basic training in the eBook or $X, and more advanced stuff in the upsell video for $Y.

b) If you feel capable of making the audio files or videos yourself then do so, but they must look really professional. People will be unhappy if they pay good money for amateurish presentations, and will not believe in the worth of your natural healing courses. Otherwise outsource. You can outsource your writing and audio-visual presentations so that they look professional with your personal branding. There are many online companies that can offer the services you are looking for, but make sure that the one you choose has good reviews and shows you examples of their work.

c) Also have them generate a 'teaser' product for you: a sample video that perhaps offers prospective clients a 5 minute extract of one of your sessions. Offer that in exchange for their name and email address and you can even include their telephone number if you want to call them for a one-on-one chat about their needs. Explain why you want it, and make it optional, not mandatory - though the name and email address must be mandatory.

Even better: offer a free Chapter of your eBook for the name and address, and the video sample as a sample of the upsell once they have paid for the eBook. Show the video sells for $Y+$50 but they get it for $Y-$X (X=price of the eBook) so they save two ways.

d) Use your emailing list with which you continue to keep contact and the rest is up to you.

Converting your coaching process into hot selling natural healing training products is not difficult if you know your subject, which you do, and by following the above process correctly you should soon have a hot product to offer that clients will be screaming for. Just be sure of the marketing and of the professionalism of your natural healing product presentation, and you should have few problems.